Monday, April 23, 2012

A soft spot for soft shells

Our friend Judy Brunk harvests soft crabs.

A soft-shell crab is a culinary term for a crab that recently has molted its old exoskeleton and is still soft. Around here, we love to get our hands on these! And now is the season.

Once you're in the kitchen, prepping these treats for cooking is a breeze. Just take some kitchen shears and cut off the crab's face, slicing about a quarter-inch behind the eyes. Pull up the soft upper shell, leaving it attached, and remove the spongy gills underneath.

Now, you're ready to fry. There are numerous variations. Some people like a simple dusting of flour and frying in butter. This is one we like: Try dusting the crabs with flour, running them in a milk and egg wash, then follow with a seafood breading with some of our Herbs for Seafood or Chesapeake Bay Seasoning mixed in. Fry up until golden brown. Experiment, and have fun doing it! The flavor is wonderful! See below for some dinner ideas.

A home chef popped one of these fried delicacies into a tortilla for a tasty wrap.

The cook on this one took the panko crumb route.

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  1. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing like a leftover cold fried soft shell crab with a steamin' cup of hot coffee for breakfast!